Our skittles Team, “The Dicky Tickers” (yes…it’s true!), played their first match in the Yate & District Friendly League on 26 September 1996 at what was then their home alley, Yate Football Club.

Moving later to Jackson’s Club in Station Road, Yate and then to the Miner’s club, Coalpit Heath, the Skittlers all thoroughly enjoy their skittles.

The Dicky Tickers spend the Summer month challenging our Bowlers, Golfers, and other teams to take part in Charity Matches. Their main objective is to enjoy themselves and their skittles with the competitive part of the game coming a close second, and at the same time, fund-raising by paying a sum for the game and buying raffle tickets.

Their fundraising continues when they organise raffles at their normal games during the winter season, all proceeds being presented to the Group at the end of each year.

If you play for a Team, or can get a team together, and feel you would like to challenge the FHCSG Skittlers to a Charity Match, just get in touch, we’ll be pleased to hear from you.

For more information about FHCSG Skittles please contact Clive Houlden – 0117 961 6791