Charity Shop

Situated at 252 Lodge Causeway, Fishponds at the junction with Berkeley Road our Charity Shop was opened by Roger Berry MP in October 1996. We were a little apprehensive at first but since then our nervousness has proved to be unfounded because the Shop is very successful and has become by far our most productive and regular fund raising activity.

Our shop is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers, some members of the Group, and others who just want to help a local Charity. They all give as little or as much time as they wish to lend a hand. This generous support enables us to open for full shopping days by operating a “shift” system which allows our Helpers to come in for the hours they wish at time’s to suit.

Unlike large charities we do not “trade” as such. Everything we sell in the Shop is donated freely by our members, the general public, and sometimes local businesses, all of whom make donations of all sorts of things which then have to be sorted, priced, displayed, and of course sold.

Whilst we have to remember that all these good are second hand and have to be priced as such, we always do our best to obtain the best possible price so that the person making the donation is happy that we have done our job in turn to get the most benefit from their generosity.

Like all Charity Shops we always need more goods to sell, so if you or someone you know would like to donate any unwanted items, it doesn’t really matter what they are, just drop in. We can sometimes arrange to collect goods and a phone call is all that is needed to make arrangements.

Please remember that there are Legal Restrictions, and size limitations that prevent us accepting some donations, so we are not being ungrateful if we must say “No Thanks” we’re just trying to be fair and open at the start.

If you’ve ever thought about spending a few hours helping at a Charity Shop, why not give us a ring? We’ll be very please to hear from you.

For more information about FHCSG Charity Shop contact Jill Filer – 0117 907 8895